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Meet the team

CodeDragon is managed by The CodeDdraig Organisation - a group of developers, authors, marketers, and more from Manchester in the UK, who are all passionate about our Organisation's Aims. Whilst we've tried to give accurate job titles, we all do a bit of everything. We are:

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Pal Kerecsenyi

Chair | Development Lead Committee

At CodeDragon, I work on the website that wraps around the editor. It allows for friendly and safe interaction between users and effective project sharing and storage. I also made the design for it, which I then made into a CSS framework. I'm the Chair and Secretary of CodeDragon's parent organisation's committee, which means I am responsible for leading most of our organisational operations.

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Geza Kerecsenyi

Treasurer | Legal Lead | Marketing lead Committee

At CodeDragon, I focus most of my time on ensuring that our product is managed and shared in a way that is representative of our brand. I script and design advertisements, and reach out to companies about what we are doing, ensuring legalities are followed in this, and our operations in general. In terms of development, I have written some smaller features you can encounter as you cross CodeDragon. My background is in neural network development and machine learning – you can find my bigger projects and quick JavaScript bits on GitHub above.

Annie Williams

Projects Lead Committee

Ishaan Anand

Education Lead Committee

Alex Howells

Finance Lead Committee

Sam Murphy

Human Resources Lead Committee

I'm responsible for the overall management of CodeDdraig's volunteers. I oversee all interviews and applications, as well as propose areas that could require more staffing. I'm also partially responsible for maintaining legal compliance during recruitment, promotion, demotion, and dismissal, especially with regards to the 2010 Equality Act.

More volunteers

Henry Day

Education Adviser

Ella Murphy

Education Adviser

Mia Bowie

Education Adviser

Freddie Kay

Projects Assistant

Damola Lamina

Education Content Author

Joe Wright

Financial Adviser

Henry Carolan

Financial Adviser

Mo Qasim

Education Adviser

Ellie Rushton-Clark

Education Content Author

James O'Hara

Projects Assistant

Maryam Mahmood

Education Adviser

Daisy Brailsford

Human Resources Assistant