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CodeDragon for Schools

Teaching web development has always been a challenge for teachers. We think it's an important skill to learn, and teaching it should be easy.

Meet CodeDragon for Schools - the easy way to teach, learn, and play with HTML and CSS.

Practical is important

We believe that it's important for students to get a sense of how computer science theory gets applied in real-world products. Websites are a great example - teaching students HTML and CSS can give them a huge sense of achievement, which is crucial to keep them interested and enthusiastic.

The Teacher Dashboard students page

40+ schools

use CodeDragon to teach HTML and CSS

Made easy for learners

Our goal is to simplify (but not over-simplify) the creation of websites. The entire website is very similar to Scratch - however, the editor uses blocks labelled with real HTML syntax which we feel makes students actually learn the language better.

The CodeDragon Ffau code editor

Beautifully convenient dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is packed full of convenient features such as importing students with a CSV, creating tasks for students to make submissions to, and an overview of billing.


CodeDragon for Schools is free, just like the rest of CodeDragon.

Get your Teacher Account for free

Simply email [email protected] providing the following details:

  • Your existing CodeDragon username (you need to sign up for a normal CodeDragon account first)

  • The name and address of the school or club/CoderDojo you represent

  • A school prefix consisting of 3-5 lowercase characters (e.g. 'abc') - this will be prepended onto student usernames that you create

  • A preferred 4-7 character identifier to put on the badge next to your account's name (if you wish, this can just be generically 'Teacher')