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The CodeDdraig Organisation

CodeDragon's parent organisation - a unique non-profit based in Manchester aimed at shaping computer science education in the UK. We work off sponsorships, donations, and people magic.


Our history

CodeDragon was officially started on the 21st of December, 2017, with the aim creating something that teaches web development differently.

Since then, we've realised that it's not just a proof of concept - CodeDragon is actually something that works brilliantly in real life as an educational tool. Linode very kindly donated us server services, without which CodeDragon wouldn't be possible.

In September 2018, we created CodeDragon for Schools, a special dashboard on our website to allow teachers to manage students and assign them tasks.

Soon after that, we published an article in Hello World #6. This drove some initial interest, and the first school signed up less than a week after the magazine's release.

We started volunteering at CoderDojos by teaching 1-hour workshops, which we've already done at several events. We've found this to be a great way to meet new people, as well as to directly experience CodeDragon's performance in a real environment. We might be able to visit your CoderDojo - click here for more information.

Today, over 1500 people use CodeDragon and more than 50 schools have signed up and are planning on teaching with CodeDragon.

The CodeDdraig Organisation

In the UK, The CodeDdraig Organisation is registered as an "unincorporated non-profit association". Thus, it is governed by a Constitution, which can be downloaded at the link below. The version below was signed by the Committee on 12th November 2019.

Download Constitution (v6)

Volunteer safeguarding

As a non-profit organisation, CodeDdraig is run solely by volunteers. Our safeguarding policies for our volunteers are available to the public.