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Ethical + impactful advertising...

...with tiny prices. Advertise on CodeDragon for a week for just £3 (GBP).

Our ads don't track users and we don't sell their data. We also don't involve any third-parties — our ads are managed and hosted internally.

Ad Ethical + impactful advertising with tiny prices.  Advertise on CodeDragon 

Unique audience

CodeDragon has a varied audience, all in the same place:

  • Children experiencing code for the first time

  • Students learning to code in classroom environments

  • Teachers and educators, who may be interested in educational tools

  • New developers, who may be learning code to start a tech company/develop their career

Simple pricing

No complex bidding systems here — simply book a week, month, or 2 months and we'll show your ad (and only your ad) to our users during that time. You pay one fixed fee at the start of your campaign.

  • 1 week: £3

  • 1 month: £10

  • 2 months: £20


Our users want to learn web development without any nasty interruptions, so our ads are non-obtrusive. We feel they make a greater impact like this, and develop more trust with users.

Get started

Just click here to chat with a member of our team, or email [email protected] about any questions you have. We'll send you our ad booking availability, and you can book a campaign easily.

Contents of an ad

In your ad, you can have:

  • A short sentence to describe your product/service/company in up to 50 characters (we're a little flexible on this)

  • A small icon

  • Your product/service/company's name, linked to any site that you own (including campaign parameters if you want)

Diagram of an advertisement


Read our Advertiser Terms, which you agree to by submitting an application for a campaign.

(Potential) Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ad look like?

Here's an example of a live ad:

Ad Ethical + impactful advertising with tiny prices.  Advertise on CodeDragon 

Who can advertise?

Any organisation, from anywhere in the world. Personal ads not associated with an organisation are not acceptable.

Will I get statistics?

Our ads are like newspaper ads - we only track anonymous clicks, and nothing else. We'll send you a link to a secret page where you can access info about your campaign, including its click count.

How many impressions do you get?

It varies. Sometimes 20,000 a month, sometimes considerably less, and sometimes even more. However, our users are highly engaged, and revisit CodeDragon often. They use our website as a hobby rather than a reference site.

Many of our users are school students, who explore CodeDragon during lessons in school.

Can I use multiple sentences?

Sure! If you want us to store multiple sentences for your ad and pick a random one on each page load, that can be easily arranged with no additional cost.

What sort of image can I use?

Any simple square icon (we display icons at 25x25px resolution).

What sort of ads are appropriate?

Any ad is okay, as long as it doesn't fall into one of these categories:

  • Promotion of/reference to products or services which involve scams, counterfeit or contraband/restricted goods, or otherwise deception

  • Promotion of/reference to explicit content, pornography or harassment/bullying of any form

  • Promotion of/reference to content or trademarks which do not belong to the registrar

  • Promotion of/reference to substances which are unavailable for use by minors in the United Kingdom

  • Generally, any content which could be deemed unsuitable for minors, or is in any way illegal or restricted in the United Kingdom

We also reserve the right to decline any campaign without specifying a reason.

What's the deadline for submitting an ad?

We'd like you to get in touch with us at least one week before the preferred start of your campaign, so we can get everything sorted and personalised.

How can I pay?

Via Stripe, with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We'll send you a payment prompt by email.

Do you offer refunds?

No, unless your campaign hasn't started yet (in which case, we're happy to give you a full refund and cancel your campaign for free).

Do you support any other currencies?

Sure, just ask. We accept these currencies. Please note that different currencies may incur an additional transaction fee.