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A simple way to learn, teach, and play with HTML and CSS.

Learning web development is hard, especially for children. We think it's a crucial skill to learn - one that could result in revolutionary start-ups, world-changing initiatives, and incredible inventions.

CodeDragon enables everyone to learn and use HTML and CSS.

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Drag-and-drop HTML/CSS editor

We created the first-ever* drag-and-drop editing interface for HTML and CSS, which forms the core of CodeDragon. It's available open-source on GitHub.

* First publicly available drag-and-drop editing interface for HTML and CSS that is supported by an organisation and integrated into a social website.

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Fun social environment

CodeDragon surrounds its editor with a fun, social but safe environment where users can collaborate and give each other constructive criticism, as well as discover interesting and inspiring projects created by others.

What's so special about knowing how to make websites?

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Easy to learn

We're constantly writing more and more tutorials that are appropriate for users of all ages. We have a unique method of teaching web development, and our tutorials reflect that. No prior experience is required at all, and everything is written in a child-friendly, engaging language.

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CodeDragon for Schools

CodeDragon offers a special Teacher Dashboard system for schools and educational institutes.

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Meet the team

CodeDragon is made by a team of passionate volunteers in Manchester.

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The CodeDdraig Organisation

CodeDragon's parent non-profit organisation.

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